CocaCola contracts with Docspert Health to provide premium medical services to its employees

Docspert Health announced today its contract with Coca-Cola Egypt to provide a remote consulting service with leading international medical experts for all employees of Coca-Cola, and their families, through Docspert’s network of international doctors in the UK, USA, and Europe.

Docspert’s contract with Coca-Cola Egypt is part of the company’s efforts and endeavors to expand the base of beneficiaries of its services and to improve the quality of health care services provided in Egypt and the Middle East.

“Docspert Health, through its contract with Coca-Cola Egypt, seeks to provide the quality of health service that Coca-Cola Egypt’s employees and their families deserve, by providing them with access to the best medical experts in the world,” said Amir Nassef, Business Development Director at Docspert Health.

As Dr. Ayman Khaled Al-Shamea, Director of Medical Contracting in Coca-Cola Egypt “We are pleased with our contract in Coca-Cola with Docspert Health as we always strive for the comfort of the company’s employees and to provide the best medical service to them. Therefore, our partnership with Docspert Health as a leading company in the Middle East is important to give our staff  the opportunity to access the best doctors in the world through their pioneering network”

Using Docspert’s innovative platform, patients are able to access video consultations with an expert, obtain a virtual case review and medical report, or get a multi-disciplinary joint opinion from a panel of several experts for complex cases, eg cancer. They are then able to choose having treatment abroad or having treatment for a local expert, with both those options being facilitated by Docspert Health.  Patients are also assisted throughout their journey by a dedicated Arabic speaking case manager.

ما هي دوكسبرت هيلث

دوكسبرت هيلث هي المنصة الأولى في الشرق الأوسط التي تتيح لك فرصة عرض حالتك الطبية على أفضل الأطباء الخبراء العالميين في بريطانيا وأميركا وأوروبا بدون مشقة السفر وتكاليفه.

اعرض حالتك على خبير عالمي متخصص من خلال محادثة فيديو أو قم بتوصيل شكواك بمساعدة فريقنا الطبي إلى الخبير و تلقى تقرير طبي مفصل من الخبير العالمي شاملا التشخيص و العلاج الأمثل لحالتك و إجابات اسئلتك.

فريقنا الطبي يقدم لك الدعم الدائم خلال استشارتك مع الخبير العالمي ويتابع معك من خلال الهاتف أو من خلال عيادات دوكسبرت.

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