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knee cartilage

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Knee cartilage is a type of connective tissue found in the body. It is worth noting that cartilage is a unique type of tissue; It contains no blood vessels and nerves. The cartilage cells known as chondrocytes are also distinguished as being inside a jelly-like mold. It provides nourishment to cells. In addition, the unique structure of the cartilage makes it a strong and flexible tissue. There are also three types of cartilage in the body, Which: vitreous or hyaline cartilage, fibrous cartilage, Flexible cartilage and these cartilage can become torn.

In this article, we will provide you with a set of important details and useful information about knee cartilage, And what are its symptoms, causes, methods of diagnosis and treatment through the specialist doctor at ” Duxpert Health “.

knee cartilage

The knee joint contains medial and lateral meniscus in the form of a semi-circle located between the shin bone and the femur, and its function is that it acts as a shock-absorbing device. A severe meniscus tear leads to severe pain, swelling in the knee joint, A noticeable restriction in the movement of the knee during flexion and extension, as the knee sometimes appears to be “frozen” and on the other side, The meniscus worn down over time will gradually cause severe symptoms such as fatigue-related pain and the knee will sometimes freeze as well. Fibrous cartilage is found in special fillings known as articular cartilage and is also found in the vertebrae between the bones of the spinal cord, These pads are also necessary to reduce friction in the joints, Like; those in the knee, It is one of the three strongest types of cartilage. Because it has thick layers of strong collagen fibers, and the articular cartilage’s job is to absorb shock, It acts as a cushion to cushion the movement.

Symptoms of a knee cartilage tear

There are many symptoms associated with a torn or damaged knee cartilage, including the following:

  1. Severe swelling in the joint
  2. The presence of inflammation and redness of the skin
  3. Skin irritation, high joint temperature, and high fever
  4. Loss of the ability to move the joint and to engage in some normal habits and activities
  5. Hearing crackling sounds about joint movement and instability in the joint
  6. Experiencing sleep problems or disturbances
  7. Mood swings and feelings of depression
  8. Weakness in the ability to move the joint and makes certain sounds
  9. Sleep problems and cause depression
  10. Joint stiffness for 20-30 minutes in the morning or after resting for a while

Causes of a knee cartilage tear

There are many causes that lead to rupture or damage to the knee cartilage, and among these reasons are the following:

  1. Exposure to muscle strain
  2. rheumatic muscle pain
  3. Bacterial joint infections where bacteria come directly through a wound close to the joint, Or in an indirect form by inflammation in the body.
  4. Gout is one of the causes of joint pain. Gout affects men more than women. The incidence of women does not exceed 10-15%.
  5. Septic arthritis, which occurs in a condition that causes pain, heat, and swelling in the joint, resulting in the inability to move the joint.
  6. Frequent dislocation of the joint
  7. Aging is one of the factors affecting joint pain
  8. Roughness in the joints

Knee cartilage diagnosis methods

There are many diagnostic methods used by the physician at Duxpert Health to detect the causes and symptoms of cartilage in the knee. The most popular diagnostic methods are:

  1. Determining if the arthritis is caused by a disease in the joints or by a disease spreading in the body and severe pain in the body needs immediate treatment.
  2. Conducting some detailed laboratory tests, such as examining body fluids to help determine the type of infection (such as blood – urine – joint fluid).
  3. Examination by magnetic resonance imaging, x-ray, or CT scan of the joint for diagnosis

Knee cartilage treatment methods

The treatment methods used by the orthopedic doctor vary according to the condition of each person and based on the diagnosis report. The treatment methods used include the following:

drug therapy

  1. Topical paints: It gives immediate relief and helps to soften the joint.
  2. cortisone injections: It is useful in relieving pain and treating joint pain.
  3. Analgesic drugs: It is useful in mild cases of joint pain.
  4. Anti-inflammatory drugs: It helps reduce pain and swelling.

natural therapy

It can be successful in treating different types of cartilage in the knee. Exercise can increase range of motion and help strengthen the muscles around the joint. Sometimes, fixing the joint with a splint is useful in certain cases of joint pain.

surgical treatment

If traditional treatment methods do not help and do not achieve the desired results, Your doctor may recommend surgery to treat a damaged or torn knee cartilage.

In the end

At the end of this article, we recommend seeking medical help in case of any changes in the nature of the body and the feeling of the symptoms of the knee cartilage that were mentioned previously, as the treatment at Duxpert Health focuses primarily on the diagnosis and treatment of the symptoms of the knee cartilage and how to control the symptoms associated with it.

As explained in this article about ways to treat knee cartilage symptoms and their most important causes through “Duxpert Health”, and if you encounter any questions or inquiries, do not hesitate to send them to be answered as soon as possible.

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