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Symptoms of stomach germs

اعراض جرثومة المعدة

Stomach germs are a type of bacteria, and the symptoms of stomach germs differ from one person to another, and some people who are infected with it do not realize their infection, because the symptoms of stomach germs do not appear clearly, and the treatment is determined under the supervision of the specialist doctor at Duxpert Health

stomach germs definition

It is a type of bacteria. These bacteria can penetrate deep into the body and penetrate into the digestive system. It can also lead to some ulcers in the stomach or intestines, and for most people it can lead to stomach cancer.

The stomach germ. About two-thirds of the world’s population is in their bodies. For most people, It does not cause ulcers or any other symptoms. If you suffer from many problems, there are many medicines that kill germs

Symptoms of stomach germs

If you suffer from H. pylori, you may have mild stomach pains. It may happen occasionally, but you’ll likely feel it more when your stomach is empty, such as between meals or in the middle of the night. It can last for a few minutes or hours. You may get better after you take food or antibiotics. Other symptoms of stomach ulcers include:

  1. blowing
  2. burping
  3. I do not feel hungry
  4. nausea
  5. vomiting
  6. Losing weight for no apparent reason
  7. Ulcers can bleed into your stomach or intestines, Which could be dangerous to your health.

Get medical help right away if you have any of these symptoms: H. pylori:

  1. Bloody, dark red, or black stools
  2. breathing difficulties
  3. Dizziness or fainting
  4. Feeling very tired for no reason
  5. Pale skin tone
  6. Vomiting that looks bloody or looks like ground coffee
  7. Severe and sharp stomach pain

It is not common, But H. pylori infection can cause stomach cancer. The disease has few symptoms at first, Like heartburn. by the time , You may notice:

  1. Abdominal pain or bloating
  2. nausea
  3. I do not feel hungry
  4. Feeling full after eating a small amount
  5. vomiting
  6. Losing weight for no reason
  7. Get a diagnosis

If you do not have ulcer symptoms, It is likely that a doctor will not test you for H. pylori bacteria. But if you feel that this pain has happened to you in the past, it is better for you to undergo several tests, as the drugs can damage the lining of the stomach

stomach germs treatment

If you suffer from ulcers caused by H. pylori bacteria, You’ll need treatment to kill germs, heal the stomach lining, and prevent sores from reappearing. It usually takes 1 to 2 weeks of treatment to improve.

Your doctor is supposed to tell you to take different types of medication, including:

  1. Taking antibiotics that help kill bacteria, among the examples are Amoxicillin, Biaxin, Flagyl, Sumycin, or Tindamax. It is better for you to take as little as two from this selection group.
  2. These include medications that reduce the amount of acid in your stomach by blocking the tiny pumps it produces. They include Dexilant, Nexium, Prevacid, Prilosec, Protonix, or Aciphex.
  3. bismuth salicylate, which may also help kill H. pylori along with antibiotics
  4. medicines that block the chemical histamine, This causes your stomach to secrete more acid. These are cimetidine (Tagamet), famotidine Pepcid, Zantac 360), And nizatidine (oxide).
  5. Your treatment may mean that you will take 14 or more pills daily for a few weeks, Which sounds like a large amount of medication. But it is really important that you take everything your doctor prescribes and follow his instructions. If you don’t take antibiotics the right way, The bacteria in your body may become resistant to it. This makes treating the infection more difficult. If your medications bother you, Talk to your doctor about treatment options and how you can do it


We dealt in detail with the definition of stomach germs, symptoms of stomach germs and how to treat them.

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