The seventh nerve causes Symptoms and treatment methods

Seventh nerve, or Bell’s palsy, is a sudden weakness in the facial muscles that makes half of the face appear slack. The reason for this weakness is due to several reasons, including exposure to a viral infection or in the event of a defect in the work of the facial nerve, and it is called by this name because it constitutes the number 7 in the nerves of the brain and is responsible for the facial muscles, which leads to a defect in facial motor expressions.

And through this article, we will discuss in more detail about the causes and symptoms of the seventh nerve and ways to treat it through the neurologist who specializes in “Duxpert Health”.

What is the seventh nerve?

It is inflammation or weakness of the nerves that control the facial muscles It also controls a number of glands, Whether the lacrimal glands or sublingual glands and under the lower jaw. The seventh nerve also controls sensation in the skin of the face and ear, and thus may lead to partial or complete nerve damage, Which leads to the occurrence of a case of Bell’s facial paralysis. Where the patient loses the ability to control the facial muscles, It is accompanied by several symptoms that we will address through the following lines .

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Seventh nerve causes and symptoms

Seventh nerve symptoms

Infection with the seventh nerve is accompanied by the presence of several symptoms. We will address the most famous of these symptoms through the following lines:

  1. Feeling of inconsistency in the facial muscles when feeling or feeling, laughing, and inability to chew normally.
  2. Loss of the ability to close the eyelid, either partially or completely, in one of the two halves of the face.
  3. Pain around the jaw or behind the ear on the affected side.
  4. Increased sensitivity to sounds on the affected side.
  5. Chronic headache.
  6. Dry eyes of the patient due to paralysis of the eyelid movement, which exposes them to allergies as a result of exposure to weather factors such as dust on a continuous basis.
  7. Disturbance in the sense of taste and not distinguishing between the taste of food and drinks normally. It is also very difficult to eat.

Other symptoms of the seventh nerve

There are also some symptoms of the seventh nerve, which include the following:

  1. Contraction and sagging of the facial muscles.
  2. Problems with language, pronunciation and communication.
  3. Numbness and tingling in the mouth and face.
  4. Corneal ulcer due to dry eye.
  5. The presence of involuntary movement of the eye.
  6. vision disturbances;
  7. Impaired sense of taste.

Causes of the seventh nerve

There may not be a clear symptom of the seventh nerve, but there are some factors that increase the likelihood of developing seventh nerve inflammation, including the following:

  1. Exposure to various viral infections (such as: oral herpes or genital herpes, chicken pox, Rubella virus, mumps virus, and other viruses.
  2. Having diabetes .
  3. Respiratory diseases such as pneumonia, colds and influenza.
  4. Exposure to accidents and collision in the face.
  5. Having some immune diseases and weak immune system.
  6. Stroke incidence.

Methods for diagnosing the seventh nerve

There are many diagnostic methods used by the neurologist specialized in “Duxpert Health” in order to reveal the causes of the seventh nerve, and then to determine the appropriate treatment methods for the nature of each case. Diagnostic methods include the following:

  • Conducting a stimulation or electromyography (EMG) test to check for nerve damage, It defines its intensity and degree.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or computerized tomography (CT) scans Sometimes it may be necessary to rule out other potential sources of pressure on the facial nerve. As in a tumor or fracture of the skull.

What is the difference between the seventh nerve and the fifth nerve?

We will explain the most important differences between the seventh and fifth nerves in the following lines:

Seventh neuralgia :

It is the nerve that lies behind the ear and when it is exposed to a tumor or infection, it loses its functions, which is to receive nerve signals.

Fifth neuralgia :

It is a severe and sharp pain in the face for a short period of time that does not exceed seconds or minutes when practicing daily habits.

Methods for treating the seventh nerve

There are some cases that do not require therapeutic intervention, as symptoms usually begin to improve after about two to three weeks, It can also disappear completely within two months, Or it may take up to 12 months for some people to recover completely. There are some other cases that require a therapeutic intervention. Among the ways to treat seventh nerve symptoms are the following:

  • Medication treatment:

  1. Prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs such as: Corticosteroids may work best if you start treatment with them within several days of symptoms starting.
  2. Prescribe some antivirals in addition to corticosteroids in case of severe Bell’s palsy.
  3. Prescribe eye treatments to prevent dry eyes, such as: Eye drops to moisturize during the day Also prescribe ointment to moisturize the eyes during the night.
  • Physical or physical therapy:

Physiotherapy may enter into the treatment of the seventh nerve through the use of various physiotherapy methods such as: acupuncture, electrical stimulation, And other treatments that fall under the name of physical therapy, Which ultimately aims to stimulate the seventh nerve and restore vital muscle function and How to properly massage the facial muscles to help prevent spasms or contractures.

  • Home treatment with lifestyle changes:

  1. Take pain relievers.
  2. Do some exercises that relax muscles and nerves.
  3. Resorting to various cosmetic techniques such as: Botox and fillers injections or other cosmetic treatments to improve the appearance of the face.
  4. Periodically perform some facial exercises at home that help gradually restore the elasticity of the facial muscles.
  5. The mouth and teeth should also be taken care of well so that food does not accumulate in the mouth, causing gum disease, bad odor, etc. By washing the mouth well after eating and brushing the teeth, Rinse with an antiseptic mouthwash to kill any bacteria that may be feeding on leftover food.
  6. The use of medicines to moisturize the eyes to prevent dryness and sensitivity due to weather factors, including drops, or ointments, or compresses, Its importance lies in protecting the cornea of the eye from scratching and moisturizing it to prevent complications.
  7. Stay away from psychological stress, nervousness and psychological tension.
  8. Cover the ear well. Do not expose it to cold air.
  9. It is necessary to cover the ear when showering or swimming so that no water or air enters the inside.
  10. Also make sure to cover the affected eye when he wants to go out; In order to protect it and keep it from germs and dust.
  11. Do not eat hot or cold foods more than necessary. So that the sense of taste is not exposed to sensitivity or burns, the sick person may not feel it.
  12. Make sure to follow the treatment plan prescribed by the doctor, Especially physiotherapy to relieve the symptoms of the seventh nerve and to speed up the healing process.

In the end

At the end of this article, we recommend seeking medical help if you experience any of the symptoms of the seventh nerve that were mentioned previously, as treatment at Duxpert Health focuses primarily on the diagnosis and treatment of the seventh nerve and how to control the symptoms associated with it.

It was also clarified in this article about ways to treat the symptoms of the seventh nerve and its most important causes through Duxpert Health, and in case you encounter some questions or inquiries, do not hesitate to send them to be answered as soon as possible.

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