Medical tourism, Types, Causes and Locations

Medical tourism, Types, Causes and Locations

Medical tourism is something we hear a lot about. But what exactly is it? Is it just a tour for educational purposes? How can medicine and tourism be combined? These are the questions one will ask when hearing about medical tourism for the first time. And most importantly, to know the benefits of medical tourism.

Medical tourism includes travel for health purposes where; The individual obtains treatment or medical assistance from a foreign country. Moreover, it is centered not only on therapy but also on the element of travel that can provide one with cultural benefits and a new place.

Given the purpose of medical tourism, how do we get started? Not everyone has the experience of traveling to unknown places, also with a purpose in mind. Usually, when traveling, we seek assistance from travel agencies or tour operators who plan the entire itinerary and arrange for the entire stay in the destination country. Can the same be applied when it comes to medical tourism? Perhaps we can do our research for doctors and hospitals and ask operators to arrange travel and accommodation. The efficiency of such a decision is questionable. It is enough if the trip is just an informal visit, we have to get an overview before choosing the country to be able to achieve our choice of health care service.

On the contrary, if the situation is in our own hands, we seek timely care and we do not have much time, then we have to choose carefully. In these trying times, we will not only need travel companies. We need the help of experienced people, who understand what we need and the nuance of health issues. We need people who can connect us with the right people for medical assistance, travel, accommodation and even follow-up. Another major difference is that well-known medical tourism organizations provide assistance from trip planning to post-trip follow-up procedures.

Hence, the differences can be summarized as follows:

Travel agencies help if the goal is pure entertainment. They have great experience. Medical tourism connects you with the right doctors and healthcare professionals. For example, to get medical treatment in India, you need to know the right doctors, know the language of the city in which you plan to treat, and arrange accommodation and travel. Ordinary tourism agency may not be suitable here. Travel agencies understand the needs of tourists but not individuals who expect to recover in good health.

Medical tourism assistance can be expected even before you land in the destination country. It does not stop there, once you return to your country the follow-up is also coordinated.

There is no guarantee that you will receive assistance with interpreters with a travel agency. Medical tourism companies know the struggle with the difference in linguistics and thus are prepared in advance.

The effort and time you put into planning a medical stay is much more than you can imagine. Approaching a specialized organization can at least greatly help with planning.

Due to the differences, it is important to make due diligence while selecting institutions for healthcare. Can’t take risks when it comes to life. It is important to look at the reviews and talk to organizations and other people who know about such organizations.

  • Types of medical tourism:

International medical tourism: It is the movement of the individual from his country of origin to another country for the purpose of treatment and provision of health care, and the costs of medical tourism vary from one country to another according to the service provided.

Local medical tourism: the places within the country that provide the required health care, and this improves the growth of the country itself.

Medical tourism: aims to treat some diseases through treatment with sea water, ponds or sand, which are used to treat diseases such as heart, nerves, tumors and other diseases, which may also be carried out in centers dedicated to this.

Healing tourism: It is tourism for recreation, well-being and disease prevention, through practicing yoga and resorting to herbal treatment.

  • Reasons for resorting to medical tourism:

  1. Unavailability of the required treatment in the home country.
  2. The deterioration of the curative health and the standard of hospitals and doctors in the home country.
  3. Long waiting lists to start the required treatment journey.
  4. Exorbitant treatment expenses, with no health care reimbursement for these costs.
  5. The possibility of spending a vacation and a tourist vacation while receiving the treatment trip, and seeing the world from another perspective.
  6. The development of medicine, modern technologies and devices in the destination country of medical tourism.
  • Medical tourism places:

England: for the treatment of mental illness and addiction, and there are patients from all over the world to spend long periods of treatment and recovery periods after recovery. It is intended for people of different nationalities in search of the best treatment methods and before this complete secrecy that characterizes these clinics. Special homes for the elderly and the seniors, which are distinguished by their luxury and the distinguished services they provide to the inmate in return for sums of money that vary according to the category of the home and the services provided therein. People with special needs among European peoples for many reasons.

United States: Medical tourism in America is one of the best medical tourism services in the world, through the best hospitals that include a large group of doctors and nurses in all specialties and modern medical equipment, and among the best medical tourism hospitals in America are public hospitals because they have all departments and a special section for emergency. Hospitals also have intensive care rooms and places for patients who need treatment and care for a long time. Specialized hospitals include chemical and physical centers, as well as centers dedicated to rehabilitation, special hospitals for children, and hospitals for the elderly, and there are hospitals dedicated to dealing with special medical that needs such a treatment. Psychological and some types of diseases. Specialized hospitals can help reduce the cost of health care more than general hospitals, and there are also teaching hospitals that treat patients and help medical and nursing students in study.

India: It has achieved high standards in complex operations such as plastic surgery, but tourists come to it for non-surgical operations such as chemical peeling, and it is characterized by excellent health facilities with low costs, if the prices of treatment in the West reach ten times the costs in India.

Turkey: Turkey has been famous in the past years for medical tourism, especially eye treatment and hair transplantation in Istanbul, where Turkey achieved revenues exceeding one billion dollars in 2018 only from hair transplant revenues. About two hundred thousand people go to it every year for eye treatment.

Egypt: Siwa Oasis in Egypt is characterized by its dry climate throughout the year and hot sand that helps treat joint and spine pain, and is also characterized by the abundance of water springs that flow from the ground. The dry weather factor in this oasis contributes to the recovery from respiratory diseases, and the hot sands of Mount Dakrour contain radiation that helps treat rheumatism, polio, psoriasis and the digestive system.


ما هي دوكسبرت هيلث

دوكسبرت هيلث هي المنصة الأولى في الشرق الأوسط التي تتيح لك فرصة عرض حالتك الطبية على أفضل الأطباء الخبراء العالميين في بريطانيا وأميركا وأوروبا بدون مشقة السفر وتكاليفه.

اعرض حالتك على خبير عالمي متخصص في تخصص الكل التخصصات من خلال محادثة فيديو أو قم بتوصيل شكواك بمساعدة فريقنا الطبي إلى الخبير و تلقى تقرير طبي مفصل من الخبير العالمي شاملا التشخيص و العلاج الأمثل لحالتك و إجابات اسئلتك.

فريقنا الطبي يقدم لك الدعم الدائم خلال استشارتك مع الخبير العالمي ويتابع معك من خلال الهاتف أو من خلال عيادات دوكسبرت.

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