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أسباب إنخفاض ضغط الدم

low blood pressure One of the most common problems that many people may suffer from, qIt is a pathological condition in which the blood pressure is lowered, that is, the level of blood flow is significantly reduced and thus affects the body’s balance and causes a feeling of fatigue and tiredness.

Through this article, we will learn about everything related to blood pressure disease and reveal the causes of low blood pressure and what are its symptoms, methods of diagnosis and methods of treatment through the specialist doctor at ” Duxpert Health “.

What is the normal blood pressure in humans?

Normal blood pressure for an adult is defined as a blood pressure of 120 mmHg with a heart rate of 80 mmHg (systolic) and 80 mmHg (diastolic).

In the case of hypotension, it is a decrease in the amount of systolic blood pressure to less than 90 mmHg. diastolic blood pressure less than 60 mmHg, This means that the blood pressure reading is less than 90/60 millimeters of mercury; The opposite is true when the systolic blood pressure is 140 mm/Hg or more and/or the diastolic blood pressure is 90 mm/Hg or more, this is considered an increase or increase in blood pressure.

Causes of low blood pressure

The reason for the low level of blood pressure in an adult is due to the presence of many reasons that in turn led to the causes of low blood pressure, the most important of which are the following:

  1. hereditary or genetic factor
  2. The health and psychological condition of the patient and the extent of his physical fitness.
  3. aging
  4. Exposure to situations of psychological stress or excessive physical exertion.
  5. different body position, respiratory systems, stress level, and physical condition, In addition to taking some therapeutic drugs that are used to treat a disease condition.
  6. The nature of certain foods or drinks consumed throughout the day.
  7. Having some chronic diseases such as diabetes or the presence of damage to the nervous system, which is represented by the occurrence of multiple system atrophy with orthostatic hypotension or a defect in the communication between the heart and brain.
  8. deficiency of some nutrients in the body; such as vitamin B12 and folate, Thus, blood pressure decreases.
  9. facing endocrine problems; It includes low blood sugar, and thyroid disease.
  10. Dehydration is a result of losing large amounts of water, and thus it is one of the causes of low blood pressure and thus leads to a feeling of fatigue, dizziness, There are also other factors that lead to dehydration; including vomiting, fever, severe diarrhea, excessive use of diuretics, Exercising strenuously without drinking enough water.

Other causes of low blood pressure

There are some causes of low blood pressure for some, which are as follows:

  1. Pregnancy As a pregnant woman is prone to low blood pressure during pregnancy, Because the circulatory system expands rapidly, which is normal, Blood pressure usually returns to a normal level after birth.
  2. Exposure to severe bleeding, whether internal or external, which is one of the most important causes of low blood pressure.
  3. Bacterial infections in the bloodstream; Which can cause a dangerous drop in blood pressure that may threaten the patient’s life.

Symptoms of low blood pressure

أعراض إنخفاض ضغط الدم

There are some symptoms that you can feel if you have low blood pressure, and the most famous of these symptoms are:

  1. feeling dizzy and dizzy, In addition to weakness and general fatigue.
  2. Breathing rate and heart rate.
  3. Fainting and falling
  4. excessive sweating
  5. feeling of pressure across the back of the shoulder, or neck.
  6. shortness of breath, feeling faint, rapid heart rate, Disturbance or blurred vision.
  7. loss of ability to focus, In addition to feeling very thirsty and nausea.
  8. Coolness and pallor of the skin and pallor.

Methods for diagnosing low blood pressure

أسباب إنخفاض ضغط الدم

There are several ways through which the causes of low blood pressure are detected, and among the diagnostic methods are the following:

  1. Perform complete blood tests.
  2. Perform electrocardiogram (ECG) tests.
  3. Perform an echocardiogram, Any examination of the heart by ultrasound.
  4. Endurance test check
  5. Echocardiography of the cardiac stress test with dopamine
  6. Electrocardiogram (ECG) examination, which is performed to diagnose heart attacks, detect causes and symptoms of heart attack, and electrical signals as they travel through the heart, and record signals in the form of waves displayed on a screen or printed on paper.
  7. Performing various laboratory blood tests to detect triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood If the “heart enzymes and proteins” are raised, it indicates the presence of a clot in the heart in addition to the presence of symptoms of a heart attack, such as: pain in chest, or changes in the electrocardiogram
  8. Perform a computerized tomography (CT) scan and an MRI scan.
  9. Cardiovascular X-ray examination with contrast angiography, where the contrast material is inserted into the carotid or vertebral artery.

How to treat low blood pressure?

There are some therapeutic and preventive methods that work to treat the causes of low blood pressure and avoid its complications or damage to the health of the body. Among the therapeutic methods used in the treatment of low blood pressure and dizziness are the following:

Treating the causes of low blood pressure primarily depends on treating the causes of hypotension and dizziness, not the low blood pressure itself. Treatment may be through dose adjustment of the drug causing orthostatic hypotension. In some other cases, the treatment is by making some changes in daily habits, including:

  1. Paying attention to drinking enough water daily to avoid dehydration.
  2. Not standing for long periods of time.
  3. Avoid situations of extreme stress and psychological pressure.
  4. Pay attention to a healthy diet rich in vitamins and nutrients beneficial to the health of the body to avoid developing symptoms of anemia and thus not to lower blood pressure
  5. Eating foods that contain sufficient amounts of sodium that raise blood pressure for its role in maintaining the proportion of water in the body.
  6. Make sure to eat green leafy vegetables and fruits. Because it contains water that improves blood circulation to the heart.
  7. Paying attention to exercise for its role in stimulating the blood circulation in the body and enhancing the movement of blood flow in the arteries.
  8. do some special exercises, Which prevents a significant drop in blood pressure when standing.
  9. Wear compression stockings.
  10. Take care to exercise gently before getting up, Such as: Move the feet upward.
  11. It is necessary to make sure that there is a stable object to lean on when standing in case of feeling dizzy or lightheaded.
  12. Avoid walking if you feel dizzy.

In the end

At the end of this article, we recommend seeking medical help in case of any changes in the nature of the body and feeling the symptoms of low blood pressure that were mentioned previously, as the treatment at Duxpert Health focuses primarily on the diagnosis and treatment of the causes of low blood pressure and how to control the symptoms associated with it.

It was also clarified in this article about ways to treat the causes of low blood pressure and its most important symptoms through Duxpert Health. If you encounter any questions or inquiries, do not hesitate to send them to be answered as soon as possible.

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