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  • We contact you to take your detailed medical history.
  • We receive the reports and x-rays from your home or work.
  • We prepare your medical profile and present your case to the expert.
  • We deliver the expert's medical report to you.
  • Our medical team explains to you the expert's report and answer your questions.
  • The service includes a follow-up question with the expert.
    (within one week from receiving the medical report)

Choose the service type:

Video consultation 600 dollars

Talk with the expert doctor in a video call, then receive a medical report from him detailing his opinion about the diagnosis and treatment plan.

You can talk to the expert personally and ask him about your diagnosis and the best treatment options available.

Detailed medical report 450 dollars

A detailed medical report arrives in 3 days from starting your consultation, detailing the expert's opinion about your diagnosis and best treatment plan.

Our medical team gets in touch to take a detailed medical history before preparing your medical profile and presenting your case on the expert.

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