Dr. Lorcan O’Toole specialized in oncology

Dr. Lorcan O’Toole

Consultant in Clinical Oncology, Castle Hill Hospital and Honorary Senior Lecturer, Hull York Medical School.

Country United Kingdom
Speciality Oncology
Subspeciality Head&Neck, Colo-rectal, Non melanoma skin cancer.
Experience 1995 years
Languages English and Irish

Dr O’Toole has more than 10 years’ experience in the treatment of cancers of the colon and rectum with radiotherapy, chemoradiotherapy, and chemotherapy in the pre and post-operative setting and in palliative settings. His main specialty is Head and Neck Cancer specializing in advanced radiotherapy and chemoradiotherapy techniques for curative and post-operative treatment of Head and Neck Cancers and palliative chemotherapy and immunotherapy in advanced disease.

Areas of expertise: Head and Neck cancer, Cancers of the Colon and Rectum, Non-melanoma skin cancers and Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy techniques.


Dr O’Toole is currently Principal Investigator for a number of clinical trials in Head and Neck cancer treatment namely COMPARE, PATHOS, Best of and KeyNote 689 looking at improving outcomes for patients with the integration of immunotherapy into curative chemoradiotherapy and the best ways of treating patients postoperatively for oropharyngeal cancers. He is also Principal Investigator in the TRIGGER trial of advanced treatment of rectal cancer based on MRI response assessment post chemoradiotherapy. Also he has a keen interest in the development of the next generation of doctors and specifically oncologists. He actively participates in undergraduate teaching as an honorary senior lecturer and coordinates the training of clinical oncologists in his role as Royal College of Radiologist’s Tutor in Clinical Oncology.

Degrees and Certifications

Specialist registration in Clinical Oncology with GMC,

Fellowship of Royal College of Radiology (Clinical Oncology),

Certificate in Radiation Protection

Member of Royal College of Physicians Ireland (MRCPI)

M.B. B.A.O. BCh.
University College Cork

Markers of esteem

  • Honorary Senior Lecturer at Hull York Medical School
  • Lecturer of Royal Collage of Radiologists
  • Principal researcher for a number of clinical research


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