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International experts in all medical specialities

Prof. Michael Freilinger  specialized in pediatrics

Prof. Michael Freilinger

Associate Head Child Neurology, Department of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, Medical University of Vienna, Austria

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Dr. Alvin F. Wells  specialized in rheumatology

Dr. Alvin F. Wells

Attending Rheumatologist, Director of the Rheumatology and Immunotherapy Center in Franklin, WI, USA.

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Prof. Jaak Janssens  specialized in oncology

Prof. Jaak Janssens

Head of Oncology department – Limburg Oncological Center, Salvator Hospital, Hasselt, Belgium.

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Prof. Mark Drayson  specialized in immunology

Prof. Mark Drayson

Professor of Clinical Immunodiagnostics & Honorary Consultant Immunologist, University Hospital Birmingham & Heartlands Hospital, Birmingham.

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Prof. Sean Kehoe  specialized in obstetrics and gynecology

Prof. Sean Kehoe

Professor of Gynaecological Cancer, Institute of Cancer and Genomic Sciences, University of Birmingham

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Experts in all specialities

Our network includes more than 110 international experts in more than 40 specialities and sub-specialities

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Our experts work at top hospitals around the world

University College London Hospitals
Advocate Sherman Hospital
Oxford University Hospitals

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Our Services

Video meetings

Video consultation

Docspert Health enables you to have an online video consultation with the international expert to discuss your condition and their medical advice, with the option of having a medical interpreter

Detailed file for your case

Detailed medical report

Receive a detailed medical report about your condition with an accurate diagnosis, the best treatment plan and answers to your questions. Our medical team helps you understand the expert's reportSee sample medical report

The best doctors

Multidisciplinary team opinion

A panel of international experts from up to four different medical specialities (such as surgery, medical oncology, radiology and pathology) convene to study your medical case and respond with a detailed medical report that includes their collective medical opinion. This is especially useful for complex cases (for example, Cancer)

Travelling abroad for treatment

Travel abroad to meet the expert or to get treatment

Docspert Health enables you to travel abroad to consult the expert or to receive your treatment or operation

With Docspert Health

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A network of top world-renowned experts

Consult the best medical experts from the UK, USA and Europe, providing the highest-quality advice on opinions, according to the latest medical evidence.

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Dedicated case manager

We dedicate one of our in-house medical team to help you throughout the whole process

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Overcome the language barrier

Our medical team speaks both Arabic and English to help you communicate your medical condition and your questions to the expert, and to help you talk with the expert during your video consultation

Customer reviews

Mr. Adel A - Egypt

Via Facebook

I would like to thank all those working at Docspert Health This great initiative allowed me to seek reassurance from a highly experienced, international doctor. I also received excellent support from the Docspert Health local in-house doctors in Egypt. I would encourage and advise anyone with a serious health problem to consult and use a Docspert Health service so that they can get reassurance regarding their health problems.

Mrs. Naiera Z - Egypt

I had a great experience with the blessed Docspert team. They really have an excellent support team who chose the best international specialist for my case. They are good listeners and translated my case properly to the international consultant. They are fast in contacting the consultant and gave me a comprehensive feedback . They keep my rights of asking many times, and they always got back to me with a satisfactory answer. I trust them as they want me to get the best treatment for my case.
I encourage everyone who suffers from any disease not to hesitate to contact Docspert.

Mrs. Nadia E H - Egypt

Dear Docspert I want to tell you that your service is great I had a rare cancer and was told here by the surgeon that I needed a large operation. Through Docspert I consulted a specialist in the UK who recommended chemotherapy because surgery would have a lot of side effects. Now the cancer is gone and i am cured thanks God and thanks to Docspert. I can't tell you how grateful i am to you all.

Mrs. Zahra - Bahrain

Excellent service and the medical support team is very professional and highly qualified. I want to thank you for saving so much time and effort for me to find answers. The international doctors are highly qualified experts indeed, and they gave me an unbiased opinion while other doctors have given contradicting opinions some of which were based on financial benefits.

أ/ نرمين أ - مصر

Via Facebook

السلام عليكم احب اشكركم جدا علي تعاونكم معايا و استشارة خبير اجنبي فادتني جدآ جدآ ووفرت عليا السفر للخارج ..انتوا فعلا محترمين جدا و متعاونين و الاسعار مناسبه و جاوبتوني علي كل استفساراتي مع تمنياتي بمزيد من التقدم

أ/ أمير ص - مصر

Via Facebook

فريق عمل على كفاءة عالية متابعة شاملة طوال الوقت لتكوين ملف طبي شامل وموضح قبل عرضه على احد الخبراء المتميزين من فريق العمل أسعدتني التجربة من حيث حسن استقبال الطلب للاستفسار في البداية من أستاذة سلمى ومتابعة الأطباء في جمع التاريخ المرضى وتجهيز الملف وفي حال طلب تحاليل أو فحوصات ساعدوني بارشادي لأفضل الأماكن في مصر شكرا جزيلا

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Receive a medical opinion from the international expert in a detailed medical report or by video. Our medical team helps you understand the report.

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