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Docspert Health connects you to the best medical experts in the UK, USA and Europe face to face and without the need to travel All you have to do is contact Docspert Health by phone, online or by visiting one of Docspert Health’s partner clinics. We have a dedicated medical support team who will assist you with preparing your case file, and with communicating and following up with the international expert.

• Docspert Health facilitates access to the best international medical experts in all specialities without having to travel to see them, giving you reassurance regarding your and your loved ones’ health issues, swiftly & in privacy. • If you want to receive the most accurate diagnosis from a medical international expert who works in the most advanced healthcare systems, all this without hassle or confusion. • If you’ve already consulted your local doctor and wanted a second opinion from another medical expert before commencing treatment or surgery • If you're confused about whether to have treatment in your country of residence or to travel abroad, the medical expert can help you with that. • The medical expert offers you his opinion and advice about all your inquiries including the diagnosis, proposed treatment, investigations you’ve done and helps you understand the nature of your disease and prognosis • No matter how complex your condition is, our experts can deal with it, because they have many years of experience in the most advanced healthcare systems in the world, applying the most up-to-date standards and protocols in diagnosis and treatment.

All specialities are available including: • Oncology • Neurology • Orthopaedics • Spine surgery • Sports Medicine • Pediatrics • Endocrinology • Cardiology • Pulmonology • Kidney & urinary diseases • Gynaecology & Fertility • ENT • Dermatology • Ophthalmology • Gastroenterology • General surgery • Paediatric suregry • Vascular surgery • Cardiothoracic surgery

• Docspert Health has a large network of international medical experts in all specialities. • You can choose one of our services: 1- Video consultation with the expert 2- Detailed medical report about your case 3- International expert panel (multi-disciplinary team)consultation • Our medical team prepares your case file thoroughly, and includes all the required documentation (whether they are laboratory test results, radiology reports and/or imaging you provide). • Our medical team selects the best expert for your case, who is then sent the case file and documentation through our advanced IT system. • Choose to either meet the expert by video-call or ask them all your questions through written report. • Our medical team receives the report and sends it to you via email or your preferred method, then sends you a confirmation SMS. • We send you a link you can access to ask any question you might have for the expert. You have up to 7 days after receiving the report.

• Modern medicine depends on the case history, investigations & images rather than physical examination, but Docspert Health also provides you with the option of meeting the medical expert face to face through video-call. • Docspert Health offers an experienced medical support team that communicates and supports you by phone or at one of Docspert Health clinics. The medical support team's main roles are to prepare your case file for the international expert and to help you through your journey. • Our medical support team is capable of communicating your case accurately to the international expert and assisting you with any language or terminology barriers you might have. • In addition, our international experts are used to providing this service in their countries when their local patients find it difficult to physically see them with their busy schedules.

Docspert Health works with a handpicked group of internationally renowned expert doctors, each having extensive experience and expertise in their specialities.

We can collect your documents and images from home free of charge. Just let us know through the consultation request form or by phone and make sure you write down your address in details.

It takes on average, from 5 to 7 days on average from the date all medical information related to the consultation have been confirmed, collected & fees paid.

Our medical team takes the utmost care so that your medical case file is complete & accurate, so they take their time in reviewing your information and making sure that your case is well prepared so the international expert can give you the best consultation for your case. Our team pick the most suitable international medical expert for your condition, so we can guarantee the most informed and accurate opinion. In addition, the experts that Docspert Health works with are in demand and have busy schedules.

As soon as we receive the expert’s response, our medical support team at Docspert Health send you the report by email or by your preferred method. You will then receive a notification SMS informing you that it has been sent. If your consultation was through one of our Docspert Health clinics, you can visit and discuss the case with the local doctor and discuss any further questions you have for the expert.

When you receive the international expert’s report regarding your case, we send you a link via email where you can ask any additional questions you might have for the expert. They respond in 5 days, so long as you submitted your questions up to 10 days from receiving your report or your video consultation. One of the Docspert Health medical support team will support you by phone to do this. If your consultation was through one of our Docspert clinics, you can visit and discuss the expert’s response to your case with the local doctor who would then submit your inquiries to the international expert.

We will send you an email and an SMS to confirm receipt of your consultation request. Once you have paid, you can track the progress of your case file on your account on our website

• Emergency medicine • Mental health • Medico-legal cases

Data privacy is one of Docspert Health’s main concerns, and we take it very seriously. Your data is stored securely on Docspert Health data servers, and it is only used with your expressed informed consent.

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