Dr. Wolfgang Thuerigen specialized in orthopedics

Dr. Wolfgang Thuerigen

Senior Orthopedic surgeon at Alb Donan District Hospital, Germany

Country Germany
Speciality Orthopedics
Subspeciality Traumatology, Arthroscopic surgery, Sports medicine
Experience 2001 years
Languages English and German

Dr Thuerigen is a Senior Physician at Alb Donan District Hospital, Germany. As a specialized Shoulder arthroscopist, he is certified by the largest European arthroscopy society, the Society of Arthroscopy and Joint Surgery (AGA), and German knee society (DKG). Dr Thuerigen is also a certified medical expert from the Society of Interdisciplinary Medical Assessment (FGIMB).

Areas of expertise: Shoulder injuries, Knee injuries, Chirotherapy and Sports medicine


Dr Wolfgang Thuerigen is a specialist in orthopaedics and trauma surgery and has additional qualifications in traumatology, chirotherapy and sports medicine. He established the Department for Shoulder and Elbow Surgery in an academic military hospital in Southern Germany. As head of the Shoulder Team, he was responsible for the treatment of shoulder diseases. The focus of his work as a senior physician is the surgical and non-surgical treatment of patients with shoulder diseases and sports injuries as well as arthroscopic surgeries. The largest European Arthroscopy Society (AGA) certified Dr Thuerigen as an arthroscopic surgeon and specialized shoulder arthroscopic surgeon. In addition, he is a certified knee surgeon by the German Knee Society (DKG) and is one of the first 100 doctors in Germany to receive this certificate. As the responsible specialized society, the German Knee Society brings together experienced physicians who have been treating patients with knee diseases for years. Due to his extensive knowledge in his two areas of expertise, Dr Thuerigen works as a certified medical expert in addition to his clinical work. He completed the Medical assessment training of the German Medical Association in 2014.

Experiences and Positions

2014 - Today

Senior Physician
ADK Hospital, Germany

2001 - 2014

Intern, Resident, Senior Physician, Orthopedic surgery, Sports Medicine
Academic Military Hospital

Degrees and Certifications

Specialist title "Special Trauma Surgery"

Specialist title "Chirotherapy"

Specialist title "Sports Medicine"

Knee Surgery
DKG (German Knee Society)

AGA (Society of Arthroscopy and Joint Surgery)

Specialized Arthroscopy of the shoulder
AGA (Society of Arthroscopy and Joint Surgery)

Medical expert
CF Bavarian State Medical Association

Medical expert
CF ADO, Academy of German Orthopedists


Member of:

  • Member of the RSM (Royal Society of Medicine)
  • DVSE (German Association for Shoulder and Elbow Surgery)
  • AGA (Society of Arthroscopy and Joint Surgery)
  • DKG (German Knee Society)
  • FGIMB (Society of Interdisciplinary Medical Assessment)

Markers of esteem

  • A Specialized Shoulder Arthroscopist for the "Society of Arthroscopy" (2019)
  • A certified Knee surgeon For the German Knee Society '' (2016)
  • Recognition in the field sports medicine (2007)

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